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Posted 3 years ago

On April 13 2011 CrowdFanatic hosted Tim Chung, the producer of The Express series on Vancouver’s Shaw TV for an interview on CrowdFanatic’s upcoming launch and the shooting of the CrowdFanatic episode at CBC’s Dragons’ Den in Toronto on May 11th, 2011.

On April 27 2011 the interview was broadcasted. Check it out!

Posted 3 years ago

Press Release - CrowdFanatic set to slay the Dragons

Vancouver-based, CrowdFanatic scores an exclusive invitation to present its online confrontation platform on Dragons Den.

VANCOUVER, BC - April 4, 2011 – The producers liked what they saw at the Vancouver auditions and want CrowdFanatic to present its online platform on CBC in Toronto. The Vancouver startup is setting the stage to put on a show in the Dragons’ Den and be one of the ventures to represent Vancouver’s Tech community.

Gearing up to launch in the coming weeks, CrowdFanatic (Vancouver, BC and Sunnyvale, CA ) is a revolutionary social media platform that defines a new genre of online services. The team at CrowdFanatic calls it an “Online Confrontation platform” - a global, group-oriented arena that confronts directly rival groups with each other. The place for group members and social activists to support their group, oppose their rivals and shift the public opinion to their side.

It has been called the wild child of the social media realm for a reason. Dealing with the most explosive topics on the news and confronting deliberately rival groups with each other the founder and CEO Yaron Bazaz promises to create the hottest social media environment on the internet.

“It isn’t about me and my friends. For that we have Facebook, our platform is all about me as a group member fighting for my political party, sports club or favourite American Idol against the group’s rivals to win on the streets and on the social media battlefield. It is a competitive environment, very emotional and extremely engaging.” says Bazaz.

Crowdfanatic’s team believe they identified a huge gap in today’s social media offering. According to the founder, today’s social media platforms are focused on the individual and do not realistically reflect our group identities. Moreover - Facebook groups and fan sites are isolated islands that only serve the group’s supporters. “There is no online arena or online battlefield that enables the Conservatives to confront directly with the Liberals or the Canucks fans to openly challenge the Red Wings. That is exactly what we are - the global confrontation arena.” says Yaron.

The events in the Middle East seem to emphasise the need for such a group oriented platform that focuses on the fight for the public opinions, and the linkage between social media and street.

The dragons will have an opportunity to invest early in the “first online confrontation platform” and to partner with the team from Vancouver to become one of the leading social media platforms of the coming years.

Those interested in learning more about CrowdFanatic and get a chance to be one of the first to test it out can visit