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CrowdFanatic in front of the dragons

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CrowdFanatic episode @ CBC Dragons Den will be aired tomorrow Wednesday at 8PM

CrowdFanatic, the Vancouver based direct engagement platform will engage the dragons tomorrow , Feb 8 in front of a one million viewers.

Vancouver BC - February 7, 2012 CrowdFanatic’s presentation at CBC Dragon’s Den will be aired tomorrow Wednesday Feb 8 at 8pm as part of episode 16.  According to CBC, one million Canadian are expected to watch the show. 

CrowdFanatic (, a Vancouver BC social media venture, is the first Direct Engagement Platform. A totally new genre of online services for groups to deliberately engage their rivals in order to win public debates, initiate direct dialogue with opponents and sway public opinion. It is the place for Conservatives to initiate a dialog with Liberals, for Patriots fans to confront the Giants  and for The Voice fans to directly engage American Idol supporters.

According to Yaron Bazaz, the founder of CrowdFanatic, today there is no social media platform that deliberately engages rival groups to  vie for their causes. Facebook doesn’t enable “group A vs. group B” interactions, and groups’ destination sites act like isolated islands with no bridges to other groups to echo their real world context.

Later this week the company will release the first beta version of it facebook application. They call the app the  ”Facebook group-connectivity layer”. According to Yaron Bazaz, the gamified application enables Facebook groups and pages to directly engage with each other. “By doing that we add to facebook a new  layer of functionality. Using the app, facebook groups and pages will be able to rally for their cause, recruit supporters,  win public debates and initiate direct dialogue with opponents.  We believe the impact of the group-connectivity layer at Facebook will be tremendous and will change the way brands and users rally for their cause” said Bazaz.

The political and social demonstrations around the world emphasize the strong ties between social media and real world events. The need for a direct engagement platform and facebook application like CrowdFanatic has never been greater.

To experience this arena first hand join CrowdFanatic at :

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CrowdFanatic featured in SVNewTech

SVNewTech Co-Organizer Joe Robinson provides his assessment of CrowdFanatic and he believes that the platform is shows promising potential for hosting online confrontations.

For more on the article please follow the link:

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CrowdFanatic featured on Pragmatiko

Pragmatiko of Italy featured CrowdFanatic for their site as they discuss the impact that CrowdFanatic can have in social media with their online confrontation platform.

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CrowdFanatic featured in TechVibes

CrowdFanatic was featured in an article by Knowlton Thomas on TechVibes, the largest technology related site in Canada. With the release of the CrowdFanatic beta at the The Expo Event in Sunnyvale, California, TechVibes interviewed CrowdFanatic’s President and CEO Yaron Bazaz as he further explains the group vs. group dynamic of the site.

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On April 13 2011 CrowdFanatic hosted Tim Chung, the producer of The Express series on Vancouver’s Shaw TV for an interview on CrowdFanatic’s upcoming launch and the shooting of the CrowdFanatic episode at CBC’s Dragons’ Den in Toronto on May 11th, 2011.

On April 27 2011 the interview was broadcasted. Check it out!

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CrowdFanatic featured in Globes

Roy Goldenberg of Globes in Israel (the largest Israeli Business magazine) wrote an article on CrowdFanatic, that was featured in both print and online, covering the release of the beta.

The article is written in Hebrew, the full article can be found by following the link:

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CrowdFanatic featured in Wwwhat’s New

Spanish news site Wwhat’s New has an article featuring CrowdFanatic in which they like the interesting idea of a group vs. group online confrontation platform.

For more on the article please follow the link:

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Press Release: CrowdFanatic Introduces a Social Media Battlefield

CrowdFanatic - the first Online Confrontation Platform – releases public beta version

Sunnyvale CA - June 9, 2011 – With the NHL and NBA finals underway and as the protests in the Middle East continue to shake totalitarian regimes, CrowdFanatic - the first Online Confrontation Platform - announces the release of its public Beta.

Officially launching their Beta at The Expo event in Sunnyvale CA this Thursday, CrowdFanatic is a revolutionary social media platform that defines a new genre of online services.  It is an “Online Confrontation platform” - a social media battleground for groups to deliberately confront their rivals in order to win debates and hammer down their opponents. CrowdFanatic is the place for fans and social activists to support their group, oppose their rivals and sway public opinion to their side.  

Described as “the Anti – Facebook”, CrowdFanatic deals with the most explosive topics in the news, and deliberately pits rival groups against each other in direct confrontation.  CrowdFanatic promises to create the hottest social media environment on the internet.

“It isn’t about me interacting with my friends. For that we have Facebook,” said Yaron Bazaz, founder and CEO of CrowdFanatic.  “Our platform is all about me as a group member fighting for my political party, sports club or favourite American Idol against the group’s rivals, in order to win on the streets and on the social media battlefield. It is a competitive environment, very emotional and extremely engaging.”

Crowdfanatic’s team believes they have identified a huge gap in today’s social media offerings. According to the founder, today’s social media platforms are focused on the individual and do not realistically reflect our group identities. Moreover - online groups and fan sites are isolated islands that only serve the group’s supporters. “There is no online arena that enables the Republicans to debate Democrats directly, nor online battlefield for Canucks fans to challenge the Bruins’ fans or for Rihanna supporters to confront Chris Brown. That is exactly what Crowdfanatic is - the global confrontation arena.”

To experience this arena first hand join CrowdFanatic at:

 For more information and interview opportunities please contact:

Yaron Bazaz 

President and CEO







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CrowdFanatic featured in the Georgia Straight

On May 27th, 2011 CrowdFanatic was featured in an article by Stephen Hui of the Georgia Straight’s Geek Speak section. With the imminent launch of the CrowdFanatic beta just mere days away, the article goes into great detail as to what CrowdFanatic will offer to the social media world - the first online confrontation platform. 

Follow the link to read the entire article: